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Hey, I'm Akanksha


Writer. Creative. Storyteller. 

And yes, I've learnt that those 3 tend to be different. Although they have a lot in common.

But here's the long version.

I'm a Singapore-based advertising creative, with a background in long-form journalism.

I've hopped across many a country in my time as a travel writer, working for titles such as Lonely Planet Asia, BBC Earth Asia, and more.

I've also had the chance to work as a copywriter for leading international brands, led by incredible Creative Directors. But I've got my eyes set on what's next, because it's not so much the end product, but the nerding out on the process of making something new that keeps me going. 

I believe words aren't just an art, to a copywriter they're a science. Brewed at different degrees, the same line could prick, slice, or stab.


So, I take my briefs very seriously. 


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Disruptive ideas to push past the traffic and set your brand apart.


Using stories to communicate with consumers in a meaningful manner.


Crafting copy that is engaging, relevant, and insightful. 


Using familiar formats in disruptive ways, and staying on top of new formats to use them in creative ways.

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